About Us

Meet Cathy and Carl

When in high school Cathy had a very wise physics teacher that perhaps physics wasn't the endeavour she should be pursuing and that maybe she should take sewing (something she was actually interested in).  She is sure he would have no idea of how much that suggestion impacted her life. Her love affair with sewing has lasted throughout the years and has been pursued in many ways including owning a fabric store in the early 90's, teaching many sewing classes, sewing for her own kids, and now coming to reside firmly in her love of quilting.

What Quilted Creations is All About

Quilted Creations is the culmination of many experiences of a lifetime and one strong belief in the need to express creativity!

A Great Partnership

Working as an accountant Carl's creative experience is lived out in the model train world (it's frowned upon to be too creative in the accounting world) and although he has taken "Millie Machine" out for a spin or two honestly, he is much more interested in the creativity that makes the machine run and the incredible workings of that machine and its computer program. (Which works well for the rest of us because we know he's keeping those things in top condition!) One world where he is truly a creative master is the cooking world - an experience you can share when you come fora retreat!